Mushroom soup

At first, I want to tell you how much I missed cooking these last 2 days! On Wednesday, we had a party at the office, which was really nice. It included a wine tasting with accompanying food. Yum, wine! And yesterday I went to Holland […]

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Green Bell Pepper Soup

This is actually one of my mom’s success recipes, so it’s kind of an inheritance, haha. The taste of the bell peppers is so nice and strong that you almost need no seasoning. I just used a bouillon cube and that’s it. It’s such an […]

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Tomato Soup

Since it’s such a cold day here in Belgium, I decided to make some heartwarming soup. I only had tomatoes  in the house, so the decision was made rather quickly. The secret ingredient to add colour and taste to tomato soup is… ketchup! It may […]

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