Speculoospasta (Biscoff Spread)

We had a great, laid back day today. First we went to the bank, where we dealt with a lot of stuff that had to be dealt with. And then, we went to Ikea. If you know me, you already know that Ikea is like heaven on earth to me. Since we moved to Ghent, we visit it at least once a month, but normally more often.

We not only love the stuff you can buy there, but certainly also the food! Today I had the vegetarian ravioli with mushrooms, and it was delish, as always. Jeroen had the salmon lasagna, which was also very nice according to him. And of couse we also had cake for dessert. Mmm.

When we got home, I was itchy to still cook or bake something, but since we still had some lemon pie leftovers, I didn’t want to make another dessert. Then I remembered that I promised you a while ago that I was going to make some homemade speculoospasta. Well, tadaah, here you go! Easypeasy and cheap! Don’t expect it to look or taste completely the same as storebought speculoospasta, but it’s still really nice. If you keep the pasta in the refrigerator, it’ll stiffen up a bit and won’t be so runny anymore.

Speculoospasta (Biscoff Spread)

Ingredients (for 1 jar)

  • 250g speculoos (Biscoff cookies)
  • 100ml coffee
  • 50ml soy milk (if you use regular milk, add 1 tsp sugar)


  • Combine the speculoos, the coffee and the soy milk in a bowl
  • Use a potato masher to mash the cookies
  • Fill the jar

Source: adapted from Ons Kookboek

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