WEEKEND! Dat hebben we gevierd met een uitgebreide aperitief. Zo uitgebreid dat we eigenlijk al geen honger meer hadden. Dus technisch gezien was dit ons avondeten, haha. We zijn allebei dol op hummus. Maar dan wel zelfgemaakte! Die in de winkel is vaak duur, en […]

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Lemon Pie

Let me start off by telling you how delicious this pie was! The zesty freshness of the lemon, the sweetness and crispiness of the crust, just perfect. If you don’t like lemon, don’t make this pie. If you like lemon, get in the kitchen and […]

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Crisp Tofu with Ginger

I had a busy day today, but I was really looking forward to cooking this dish. I was especially curious about the tofu. Normally it has a rather bland taste, so I wanted to do something different with it for once… Luckily, the frying worked […]

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Vegetable Lasagna

Another black day… I heard that the sister of someone I know died in a car accident. Another victim of traffic… Not a weekend goes by without a newspaper full of articles about car crashes and (young) people dying in accidents. Those things are always sad, […]

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Homemade sushi

I looove sushi, but when you order it, it’s always so darn expensive, while the ingredients are actually really cheap ass… I can understand that sushi with fresh fish are rather pricey, but just some vegetables? Really? For this reason, I decided to try to […]

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Gebakken noedels met ananas

Gebakken noedels met ananas Ingrediënten (voor 2 personen) 175g rijstnoedels, ongekookt 1 el zonnebloemolie 3 el sojasaus 2 kl kerriepoeder 1/2 el zonnebloemolie 60ml water 3 teentjes look, fijngehakt 125g diepvrieserwtjes 1 middelgrote wortel, geraspt 1 blik (400g) ananasstukjes, sap afgegoten 30g rozijnen 50g  cashewnoten, […]

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Frangipane tart

I baked some Frangipane Cupcakes a while ago, but now it was time for a tart! I think frangipane is a typically Belgian thing, I don’t think I know anyone that doesn’t like this lovely pastry… The recipe is adapted from the blog ‘Fiekefatjerietjes‘, be sure to […]

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“Tuna” – Avocado Rolls

When I went to that cute Asian store last week, I also bought rice paper. And now I can finally use them! If you can’t or don’t want to buy rice papper, you can of course also make these with flour tortillas or just make […]

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Banana Cupcakes

I’m finally feeling a bit better today, so to celebrate I baked us some cupcakes! The cupcakes are vegan, the frosting obviously is not… I really wanted to make a pipeable frosting this time, but most recipes are for buttercream which kind of means: take […]

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